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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cool Stuff Clients are Purging

Vintage OJ glasses and decanter.
I applaud the ability to give away the cool stuff.
For me, the cool factor is even harder to part with than sentimental items.
-- Allison

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Power of a To-Do list

Do you To-Do?
Find out who is and why:

Survey Shows Increasing Worldwide Reliance on To-Do Lists

I usually only keep a daily list of junk to do.
When I get really busy I move up to the big list of projects.
Then I move to the wall board for a brain dump when truly overwhelmed.
-- Allison

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cool Stuff Clients are Purging #2

20th century vintage kitchen stuff
-- Allison

Cool Stuff Clients are Purging #1

Fisher Price vintage dog from farmhouse.

Friday, April 25, 2008

You have won a Shopping Spree!!

I almost deleted the email when it arrived, thinking it was just more spam
that made it's way through the sewer of the internet.
But nooooooo, it's the real deal.
I'm just excited to win something for once. It could have been $5 and I'd be jumping for joy.
The last time I won something it was a set of knives at Zayer (like
Mallwart) when I was 16 years old. Like a teenager needs a set of steak knives!

So what did I win????? My biz card was drawn from hundreds at the NAPO
conference and I was the big winner...
$500 in products from Smead!!!!

Many people wouldn't care, but office supplies are like crack to me. I
cannot get enough. Who knows who I would sleep with to get mo-bettah files.

So the catalog will be coming in the mail.
You can find me by the mail box.
-- Allison

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cable clutter part 3

Not great, but a tad better. I'll have to live with it for now.
I actually switched desks with my kids so they have all the clutter at their desk. I'm across the room with a wireless computer. But there is still the UPS, the Monitor cord, the external hard drive, etc.
If you have found cord bliss please please please leave a comment.
-- Allison

Cable Clutter part 2

The Signum from Ikea attached to desk.
It hangs under the desk like a basket with all these wire things to hold up the cords so they don't get tangled all around your feet.

The Trouble with Cables

I've been fighting cable clutter for years. I have never found anything to deal with the cords around my desk from:
Computer, Monitor, Printer, External Hard Drive,
Modem, Router, Phone.
Every one of them has a power cord and connector cord.
So I decided to finally tackle it after reading some blog posts earlier this year about the Signum from Ikea

So I got down and dirty with the cords.
Got to be Handy Gal and break out the drill. rrrrrrrrr.
I intalled it and Voila....
not so great.
It just doesn't work unless you can get the uninterruptible power supply off the floor.
Mine weighs about 45 pounds I think.
It totally stinks not having it look completely cable free.
If you want to see an awesome job deleting creepy cables, check this out, from John Trosko's blog.
I love John's work and blog and I visit his site a lot cuz he makes organizing FUN.

I'm back and blogging

Hey, I got all charged up at the NAPO conference in Reno and I'm ready to get back to blogging.
Lots going on to blog about... so much that I even started a new blog: is the home for the radio show that I'm co-hosting. We post topics and guest info and anything else unusual.
Check it out.