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Friday, September 22, 2006

100 Less Things

Who is up for a clutter challenge?
It is officially 100 days until 2007.
If you haven't done all the decluttering you "planned" to do this year, you canstill get started now. It's not too late.
Every day from now through December 31, give away or discard at least one item from your home.
If paper is your issue, toss at least one old paper every day.
Who is with me?

For me, I'm going to attack the toys. They seem to multiply every time I turn around. I think they figured out how to breed. Now will be a great time because we have birthdays and holidays right around the corner in my house.

What are you going to declutter?
Post your responses. Make a list. See what fun it can be to purge, purge purge.

You have 100 days

Let us know how you're doing!